MinuteDock API

We’re launching our new API in Beta today. It should be powerful enough for you to create browser extensions, desktop applications or that widget for Zendesk you’ve always wanted.

We’re still testing it, working out the kinks, and ensuring we’re covering all the features people have been asking for, but we’ve got a pretty solid groundwork to work from now.

Check out the API docs over here: http://minutedock.com/apidocs

You can generate an API key on your Profile tab within MinuteDock (or use HTTP basic) to make your apps.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve also decided to run a promotion to encourage people to build and launch public apps to help everybody in the MinuteDock community. The way it works is this: you build an app, you submit it to us, and if we like it and feature it on our Twitter feed (and an official page on our website), then we’ll give you $150 USD worth of credit on your MinuteDock subscription as our way of saying thanks!

Ideas for things to build: browser extensions, integrations with desktop time tracking apps (like Eon), widgets for popular apps (like Zendesk), or your ultimate mashup of MinuteDock and something else!

MinuteDock Mobile!

Finally! We’ve done it! It’s in BETA but it’s HERE!

Update and create new entries, use the timer, get a quick snapshot of how you’re going - and it (should) work on any mobile device.

Try it out now at http://minutedock.com/m

Dock Entry List Swipe to edit! Mobile Reports

As it’s in Beta, please let us know if you encounter any weird issues or have feature requests.

New Invoicing Options

We’ve just added some new, more flexible ways to invoice to complement our new Project functionality.

While we were at it we gave the whole screen a bit of a spruce up, so it should now be even faster and easier to get your invoices sent!

These are “Quick Links”, which break out your entries by Project and/or month, so you can just choose one of those and get on with it. 

Sometimes you need more control though, and that’s what the “Custom Invoice…” option does. We feel that it gives you infinite ways to invoice!

Choosing “Custom…” works the same way as Reports, so you can slice and dice your invoice (and even include or exclude individual entries) however you’d like.

We hope you enjoy!

Xero: Less Logging In

Today we deployed a quick update for people who are sending their invoices to and syncing their contacts from Xero. 

We added support for their “Partner Apps” (http://blog.xero.com/developer/api-overview/setup-an-application/#partner-apps - warning, developery!) which means that we can now sync with Xero in the background - no more login popups!*

We’ve got a bunch of other improvements planned and we’re working hard, so watch this space.

(* You’ll have to log in one last time so we can get credentials for the new shiny stuff)

On Track - at a Glance!

Today’s update is a little like an iceberg - small on top but has a massive impact!

We’ve added a slight shading to the Goal bars on your Time tab so you can see how far through the period you are, and whether you’re on track to hit your Target (or stay inside your budget).

So here you can see I’m about 70% of the way through the goal period, but I’ve only logged a few hours - so I’m woefully behind! Better get cracking!

Tweaky Tweaky

We’ve been hard at work today, tweaking a few little things for you to make your MinuteDock experience even better - if that’s even possible!

We’ve added a search filter to the Reports drop-downs, so you can now find that pesky Contact even if you’ve got hundreds!

We’ve changed the way “Pinning” works for reports to make it a little more obvious. You can now run your Pinned reports from a friendly button in the top right of your screen, and Pin the current report for later by clicking the green pin on the filter bar.

And last, but not least, we’ve opened up the Goals view so that all your Goals now show on the Time tab. Previously we only showed 4 Goals max, and only Daily or Weekly goals. We thought it would be a little confusing if Monthly goals showed up when a month ended midway through a week, but the overwhelming feedback from you guys has been that you want them there - so we hear ya!

Hope you like all that, and don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from!

Help your mates, get a T-Shirt!

Know someone who isn’t using MinuteDock, but should be? Send them our way before July, then drop us a line when they sign up.

We’ll say “thank you” by sending you a MinuteDock T-Shirt, and they’ll thank you for making their time tracking and invoicing a breeze! 

(Your friend has to end up as a paying customer, but seeing as we’re such an incredibly good deal, that shouldn’t be a problem!)

You can pick one of the following designs:

Scheduled Maintenance

Following on from the upgrades last week, we’re going to be doing a little bit of maintenance to keep MinuteDock super snappy (also, our Tumbeasts need feeding…)

We’re planning to do this on this Sunday, 13 March from 3.00pm to 4.00pm NZST Wednesday, 9 March from 12.00am to 1.00am NZST (see it in your time zone) - we’ve moved this forward due to MinuteDock being slooooooow.

Sweet Upgrades!

Just a quick update today. We’ve just put the finishing touches on a massive backend upgrade.

This shouldn’t mean too much for you day-to-day - just that some things are a little shinier (check out those new buttons from James!) and possibly a bit snappier (getting faster all the time).

We’ll be in touch soon letting you know about all the great new features and upgrades we have planned. Bring on 2011!

PDF Invoicing

This one’s been brewing for a while… you can now send invoices with MinuteDock without going through Xero!

When you finish creating an invoice, you can new select how you want to send the invoice to your customer:

We’ll remember your choice on a per-contact basis, so you can mix-and-match if you want.

And for those who are picky about their invoice numbers, you can now manually assign a number to an invoice:

Let us know how it works for you!